Sunday, July 02, 2006

Spiritual Note

This blog is created to discuss about the information available about the great saints who incarnated on this earth in order to make the mankind happy and drive the common man towards the ultimate goal of human life.


Anonymous said...

It is a marvellous site. My best wishes to Yogesh. Hope this gets bigger and bigger. Nitin Gokarn

Anonymous said...

dear yogesh
you have done an excellent work
do add more and more saints in different parts of our countery in this site

Anonymous said...

Marvellous work Yogesh. I am really delighted to see your blog site .
No words can describe how nice the blogsite is. If you wish we can give
you more inputs regarding other saints who are missing in the blog

Nityanand Swami of Ganeshpuri , Balekundrikar Maharaj, Sridhar Swami,
Narayan maharaj, Gajanan maharaj (Akkalkot) Madhavnath maharaj (Malva)
Pitamber maharaj, Adkuji Maharaj, Gulabrao maharaj ( Madhan), Ramdas
Swami, Sonale baba, Narsing Baba, Vrajabhushan, Gulavani Maharaj, and
so many many saints . There is a volume in two parts written by a lady
by name Mrs Namrata Bhat from Bhandup Mumbai which covers several
saints . It will be of great use. The book is entitled "Sakal sant
Charitra gaatha" . Yogesh , if you need any assistance I will be too
glad to assist. In fact all devottes should write little bit so that
Yogesh can compile and probably a book in english can be born !

Anonymous said...

Hallo Yogesh,

I have gone through this SPIRITUAL site. Its very nice. I wish you all the best. Keep producing this type of sites. One more thing are you staying in Bangalore? Where? I'm also staying in B'lore.

Have a nice Time


Sachin Gupta said...

Great work put together by Yogesh. I am sure he has the blessings needed to influence him into generating such valuable collection.

All the best and I would be glad to contribute in any possible way.


misrani dd said...

Misrani said,
So grateful to read all the saints, together , and understand how they are all linked,

misrani dd said...

very enlighning
thanks and hare krsna

Anonymous said...

An enlightening site Yogesh!

After a long time I could see all my favorite saints together on a website ... Sant Tukaram, Sant Dyaneshwar, Sant Ramdas ....

But you know what I am still thinking of the coinicidence ...

It would be great if you can include "Abhangs" on the website.

Anonymous said...

Hello Yogesh,

Excellent work!

I would like to request you to add some info about Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu. He is from Mumbai.


Anonymous said...

Jai Shree Krishna Yogesh,

This is a fantastic site. I have been doing something similar to you on
I hope you find my website useful.

I hope to take lots of information from your webpages and hope to spread your vision of informing even more people around the world about Indian Saints, Teachers, Yogis, Gurus etc

Keep on Posting