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Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj

In the 19th and early 20th century India was undergoing an enormous change in its educational system and its political and religious beliefs. The entire social structure was shaken and the age-old values were getting lost in Modern Times. This state of affairs of instability in every walk of life brought about renaissance in political thinking, education, abolition of Caste System and more importantly in spiritual thinking. In India, this period of approximately hundred and fifty years saw luminous Spiritual Masters, Gurus and Saints of different religions working silently in and through the masses for spiritual uplifting and realization of the ‘Ultimate Truth’. Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj was one of such galaxy of saints who did specific work for spiritual uplifting through an ancient but re-defined Sadhana (spiritual practice) of Namasmaran (Chanting of Holy Name).

Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj Aarti

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Unknown said...

This is great blog.
Where can I get more information about Godawaelkar maharaj ?

Yogesh Joshi said...

Thank you Uday.
Unfortunately nothing much is available online about Gondavlekar Maharaj.
I am adding information about various saints in detail on and some time in near future I will add the article about Gondavlekar Maharaj.

Unknown said...

Thanks Yogesh,

Please let me know when your article published.

Have you visited the plece Gondvle ?

Are thery any books ?

Unknown said...

Apart from the Biography by Keshav V Belsare, there are other very very good books like 'Gondavlekar Maharajanchi Prawachane compiled by Govind Sitaram Gokhale (who was blessed to meet Maharaj in his second incarnation thro' Tatyasaheb Ketkar. Gokhale kaka has also compiled another excellent book titled, "Sahaj Bolane Hitopadesh". One really wonders and asks himself if such a marvelous and sky-high personality really existed. Really Maharaj is so great saint. His love and concern for the common man is just amazing and undescribable. If his love can be felt so much thro' books and his words and teachings, just imagine what magnetic and charismatic he actually would be...Shreeram.

Yogesh Joshi said...

Thank you Shreepad Ji,
The information that you provided is very useful.

Unknown said...

I also rememeber having visited the site plenty of times but around 3-4 years back. It no more exists. I don't know why. It had summary of the entire biography by Babaji Belsare very properly compiled and linked. It was in marathi. I wish that the site gets reloaded at the earliest. It was hosted by Gondavle sansthan.

Wud also like to share that there are many communities on Shree Maharaj and surprisingly many members are in their teens. Isn't it surprising as to where do they get to know about Maharaj? It is rightly said that 'Santanche karya kayaam chaluch aste'. I shall always remain grateful to orkut becoz' it was thro' these communities that I got to know and meet a senior devotee 'Dattabhaiyya' who is spreading the message of Shree Maharaj, after his retirement.

Secondly, My name is Shreepad M. Gandhi, so the 'g' in shreepadg just means gandhi. Please don't say Shreepad ji, we all are devotees of Shree Maharaj.


Unknown said...

Shri Ram,
Its really a great blog. I am anugrahit to shri maharaj and is always searching for some online books of shri maharaj's pravachans and stories.
Yogesji, Udayji and Shreepadji if any one of you are having address of these online books please post the address. I really find peace and forget all my tensions reading these artices and comments posted by all. and its my honour in this age i am ale to chant Ram Naam.

Shree Ram

Unknown said...

!! Jay SriRam !!

!! Sri BrahmaChaitanya Maharaj ki Jay !!
Hi Sumit,

Below are links...
Please send it across all your friends & devotees of Maharaj..


Unknown said...

one more good link

Jay Sri Ram...

Anonymous said...

||Shri Guru:Sharanam||

Very nice try to create this Blog.

Guys if you wish to know about Shri Bramhachaitainya read "Charitra Ani Vangmay" by K.V. Belsare and you wont need to read anything further in your life. This book will change your life & it has for me. It works like vitamin as well as medicine for me.

The only difficult part is to follow it. i.e. Naamasmaran, but I am sure Gurumauli will help us do it.

Jai Shriram

M said...
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M said...

Hi,i liked the precise manner in which u have written about Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj.Apart from the biography written by Shri K.V.Belsare there is also a pothi called 'Sri Sadguruleelamruta' wrote in the form of "ovi"(it is an ovi baddha charitra) by one of Maharaja's great shishyas Gopal Vishnu Phadke.It is a pothi and u have to do its parayana.

Unknown said...

I am new to blog and do not have any idea how to use it.I have read books of Shri Bhrmachaitanya Maharaj and inflcnced by it.I am very greatful to have read them.I also wish that others may get use of those books which are beyond any thing to say and one must read and practice.Please contact if you are in same path.

Anonymous said...

SRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM. I along with my family fortunate to get initiated by Gondavlekar Maharaj in his math Gondavle. Amazing experience. No need to do gimicks, just continuously chant Rama Nama, Surrender yourself to Rama, Rest will be taken care. This is my personal experience.

Many thanks,



Anonymous said...

Can I have a Shri Maharaj Pravachane in English on 1 of website

Shri Charankit

Unknown said...

I agree with all of you.

But I feel this is all our mind.Apart from reading these books and thinking ourselves about the thoughts in those books many of us(like me) need someone in front of us in body form (sagun roop).

Have you come across such a person in Pune (since I am from Pune) whose DARSHAN can give solace to mind?

Anonymous said...

Shri Ram ,

Hi , i am writing for first time on this blog. I like to share something with you. I am basically from Belgaum and working at Bangalore. I know Marathi but not perfect with it , my parents know it well. One Day my Dad's Sister bought a book called as Gondavlekar Maharaj Pravachan. Though i never read books , but i felt like read it this time. And i was surprised to understand every bit of it. I had so many problems in my life . But now my life has been improved to greater extent. The teachings of Maharaj and Ram Naam Has Realy made wonders. I think Maharaj himself talks , when i read his book. I was sufring from some mental blocks from almost my childhood. But now most of them are getting cured day by day. Thanks to maharaj for all help.

राघव said...

Hi All,
Nice to see people talking about ShriMaharaaj :)
I do believe in ShriMaharaj's teachings. They are really helpful.
You do get the peace of mind and conscious which helps you to proceed on spiritual path while living a normal life. ShriMaharaj's Guidance is so charming and simple!!
One more book is there -
"Hrudya Athavani" by Shri. L.G.Marathe (Shri. Appasaaheb Marathe). Its the collection of the Talks of ShriMaharaj. Really good for all of us. Using small incidents of normal life ShriMaharaj teaches to look at the broader spectrum of life, how to balance the material and spiritual matters, why to do the Nam Jap and how to judge self's progress. Its really good!

Jay Jay ShriRam!


Anonymous said...

Hi all
Nice to see so many devotees and some egar to know about maharaj.
Please if anybody if not visited Gondavale visit it.There is whole arrangement of living. Need not to worry. Just have japa in mandir or in the Dhyan Mandir which is a separate arrangement for having japa and just be with Maharaj. A great experience.
IF possible have cds or cassetes on namsadhana by Baba Belsare.Giving perfect path to reach a goal of knowing ourself.



Yogesh Joshi said...

You are right Gouri.
I visited Gondavle in December last year and is really a nice place. Sitting in Dhyan Mandir is really a great experience.

followers of Shree Maharaj said...

All are welcome to the following website dedicated to Shree Bramhachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj



Tushar said...

can we get the information of satguru sri samartha satam maharaj-Danoli?

Chaitali said...

Hello All,

I have visited Gondavale several times since my childhood. The place is simply outstanding. You definitely feel the peace when you visit the place. They have great facility to live there for devotees. I have taken 'Anugraha' at the Ashram. I am very blessed since then.

Thanks All for sharing your inputs.

Anonymous said...

shri ram samarth
i want to suggest you pl that once you visit gondavale and even HEBBALLI which is in Karnataka and in Dharwar District very peaceful place

Anonymous said...

hi every one,
i was read a book on shri kane maharj ,belgaon .one of shishya of shri gondavalekar maharaj. in his charitra mentioned about 'shiv yantra' taken to shti ketkar which help to talk with shi maharaj. they also note that round about 49 yantra's available.
but i know only about shri ketkar having one of that.
kulkarni shriraj

Anonymous said...

shri ram jai ram jai jai ram
hi evryone
im just reading Gondvlekar maharajs book by K.V.belsare and i got a true experiance of there miracles.i suggest to u all please read this book or any book suggested in this blog.Also provide us information about the books which you know.just chant ram naam and get a true experiance
And thanks Yogesh for creating such blog.Thanks a lot

Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar said...

This is a very great site where genuine individuals are sharing their core feelings and their spiritual quests and aspirations. I wish all the participants a great future.
Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

Unknown said...

shri ram!to all devotees....yes,Shri maharaj is there..and as sm1 asked if u want to meet sm1 special then us is ti.anna wartikar,mostly resides at ahmedabad.pls. visit him just to see hw u sholud also devote to shri maharaj...shri ram...

Unknown said...

Shree Ram....

I do agree with all..
'Atmacharitra of Godanvlekar Maharaj'written by K V Belsare.
is very Good Miracle for me.
I am reading this book and now I am Experiencing TRUE HAPPINES.
Shree Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

Anushree Ghisad said...

I guess I was 11 when we went to Gondavle... Aai ba were keen on taking mantra... The grenduer of that place, perpetual peace were truly enigmatic.... I used to help in distributing the plates and serving the food...My mother's hospital, here in Nagpur, is named as CHAITANYA, because the clinic at Gonavle also had the same name.... I and my brother wre taught to recite 'Shriram Jai ram Jai Jai ram'as many times as our age before going to bed.
In tribulations and traumas, nana, my late grandfther, and a staunch devotee of Bramhachaitanya maharaj, always said, 'Tuzyapari sarvato prayatna kar, baki Maharajanwar sod, Maharaj baghtat aahet aaplyala...'

M said...

@Anushree I felt good when I read your post....Yes me and my family has experienced the utter power and presence of Maharaj in every difficult position too.

Avghad,asadhya goshti maharajanchya krupe mule sahaj sopya hoon jatat.

Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram......

Gondavalekar Maharaj Kii Jay!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi ,

This is really nice blog .I am looking for Gondavlekar Maharajanchi "Arti " but i am not able to find out online.
Could you pls help me .


Raghuveer said...

Shriram Samarth!
I regularly go to Gondavale for darshan. It is indeed an eternal bliss to be there. Let us chant the Naam and try to be nearer to the Almighty. I have been reading and studying various granthas of maharaj. I would like to correspond with the devotees regarding spreading Upasana and Naam bhakti. My id is (09881400280)I would be glad to provide spiritual matter to the seekers.
Shriram Samarth!!!
- Raghuveer V Kulkarni (Aurangabad)

Yogesh Joshi said...

@shilpa There are many Aartis of Shri Maharaj. I have added one aarti in the post.

Tushky said...

U can visit Sthir Padukashrama of Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj at Hebbali, Near Dharwad District in Karnataka; where u see sagun roop Shree Dattavadhut Maharaj.

Unknown said...

kindly give me contact address of maharaj's malad math.

Anonymous said...

I found two very useful links, Hope it will be useful to you as well

1. Join Yahoo group

2. Dasbodh Abyas

Jai Shriram

Unknown said...

Can I get contact number of Shripadji Belsare? Pl. inform me on my cell no. 9545554744. I want to contact him in regards with some books of Baba (K.V.Belsare)

Anonymous said...

Search for - "Prof. K V Belsare explaining Shree Maharaj's thoughts" on You tube

Vaibhav said...

!! Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Ram !!
I came to know about Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj during 1983,when I was in school, we used to go to hebbali it is small village near dharwad,even I am native from dharwad working in pune.I have seen Belsare kaka and heard his pravachans many times during his stay in Hebbali.My parents have taken guru mantra from Datta Anna(Dattavadhut Maharaj) in hebbali.
I found this web site where I can share my thoughts towards maharaj.
I have Maharaj Aarti | bhagan sanghara book with me if you need I am ready to send scanned copies of it.
Many Many Thanks to Yogesh Joshi for his web based portal

Anonymous said...

can i get the biography of tatyasaheb ketkar?

नामधारक said...

Autobiography of Srigondavalekar Maharaj in Marathi with reference to bhagavadgita is regularly published under caption ' SRIMAHARAJ 'NAMAVATAR''in the form of blog. 10 blogs have already been published.
I recommend all sadhakbretheren to read.
Prakash Watve

नामधारक said...

Dear Shri Yogeshji,
An autobiography of Srigondavalekar Maharaj in relation to Srimadbhagavadgita, in Marathi is regularaly published in the form of Blog.10 blogs have already been published. I recommend to all followers of your Blog to read the same and place comments.
Thank u,
with regards,

नामधारक said...

Dear Yogeshaji,
'Srimaharaj namavatar'
Blogsite :

Anonymous said...

Shree Bramhchaitanya Gondawalekar Maharaj and Shree Gajanan Maharaj are two great saints of their times who uplifted so many people .

Prafulla Gholap said...



DR.RAMESH said...

we are DAS anugrahit of poojya shri MAHARAJ,hence we should be comitted for AKHAND NAMSMARRAN and DHYAN IN EVERY ACT.SHRI MAHARAJ STAND BY YOU TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR WELL BEING.

Unknown said...

first of all thanks to yogesh,
u have done a great work by creating this blog. it allows all the devotees of shri maharaj to get more information about him.
i have visited d place GONDAVALE.
& literally fill that shri maharaj is everywhere to bless us
all d best yogesh for gr8 work.

nilesh gajre

Unknown said...

One Mr. V R Bhide of Sangli has developed a website that has daily prawachans. It's really a good effort and useful for those who wish to read online prawachane. The URL is
Thanks and pranaams to all.

Unknown said...

is there any arrangement at gondavale for doing akhand namasmaran collectively if yes on what day of month/year.

Renuka said...

is the link for pravachana... everything is in marathi....

Anonymous said...

shri ram garima

Unknown said...

Jai Shri Ram ! Jai Shri Maharaj !

I am a resident of Dharwad, regularly visiting Shri Sthirapaduka Ashram at Hebballi, so happy to read this blog. The ashram is filled with divine Shri Ram Nam. Shri Maharaj's agya to practice Rama Namasmaran, Annadan and Goseva is faithfully followed here. Shira Sashtanga Namaskar to Shri Dattavadhut Maharaj...

Unknown said...

shri ram jai ram jai jai per our maharaj we should do only 2mala in morning and in evening..plz do not go for doing crore and lacs of jap.for eg 13crore bcoz then you loose your,mental and physical stamina

garima paltanwale

raonc said...

Hi Yogesh
I am looking for copies of the following books which are not available any more to buy. Is it possible to get a photocopy of these two books ? I will pay whatever the charges for this service. Can you please help ?
- Mysticism in India by Swami Dattavadhut
- Pathway to self realisation by Swami Dattavadhut.

Thank you in advance and
Best regards – Navinchandra Rao, Bangalore

ajikrish said...


Please let me know the contact details of Shri BrahmaChaitanya mutt in Shri Kshetra Hebballi, Hubli, Karnataka

Thank You,

Anonymous said...

please read this for literature on/about Param Pujya Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj:

Unknown said...

enyone can see everything about gondawalekar maharaj with his thouths(daily discources) in their facebook website.address is "discources of shree gondawalekar maharaj". also can get books about maharaj in website. "book ganga".

Shailesh Chirputkar said...

Please use this link for pravachans.

Sachin Jahagirdar said...

|| Samarth Sewa ||

Free Multilingual Online Database on Samarth Ramdas swami & Ramdasi Sampradaya containing audio,video ,text about Samarth Ramdas Swami .

Single Click Free Download.

please visit

Savita.M said...

Sri Raam.

Hebballi math number 0836 2788421.
Or you can contact 09448621600.